Wednesday, April 2, 2014

90's Kid

Sorry for the delayed post! My son got a pretty bad viral rash this past weekend so I have been busy taking care of him.. Poor baby :( I hope it clears up quickly because it breaks my heart seeing him sick! 

Before my son got sick this weekend, I had lots of fun shopping with my sister at The CAMP in Orange County. Thats where most of these photos were taken.
I wanted to share with you all where I found these awesome denim overalls! Don't these take you back to your child-hood days? Well the overalls trend is definitely back and I have been searching for the perfect pair and I finally found them! 

These overalls are from nordstroms, brand is EDYSON from the Savvy department. They have the perfect amount of stretch (2% spandex) and are not too fitted or too baggy! They are the perfect fit and are sized by typical denim sizing (25, 26, 27, 28 etc.) I typically wear a 27 and the 27s fit me perfectly. 

There is also a light denim version of these overalls that I'll be getting and they are on sale for HALF off... What a steal!! 

Hope this post inspired you all to take a trip down memory lane to your childhood days and buy some denim overalls!! 

Thanks for reading!


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