Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sample Sale

Sample sales are so exciting because you never know what you will find! If you are a shopaholic like me.. It's like the best treasure hunt especially when you find that unique piece for a steal! Sample are when designers sell pieces that were used in advanced showings, fashion shows, and presentations for interested buyers. Samples are ususlly limited in sizes (size small) and quantities. 
I have been going to sample sales in downtown La for several years now and thought to share with you all some tips I have learned over the years. 

Going to a sample sale for the first time can be overwhelming but I put together some tips to guide you through this adventure.

You can find sample sales in your city by simply doing an online search. There also several websites that post upcoming sample sales.. These are a couple that i find helpful:
Some sample sales you may find are from a single designer held in a warehouse, but the best ones are held at the showrooms where several designers participate and you can go from one showroom to the other. 

Fashion District, Downtown LA

Do your research! There are hundreds of showrooms and designers. Researching which show rooms will be open for the sample sale will help guide your route and prioritize which showrooms to go to first. 

This is what I mean when I say can be overwhelming!! So many options... So little time! 

Dress comfortably and be prepared to do a lot of walking.

Trying on: There are no fitting rooms in the showrooms, so be prepared to get naked, or dress smart. If you are like me, it can be awkward stripping down in the middle of the showroom in front of everyone, so dressing smart is very important. I recommend wearing leggings, a tank top with a long shirt on top. This will help with the trying on process.. The last you would want is to go home and find out that something doesn't fit! When trying on tops.. You can simply try them on top of your tank. If trying on bottoms, you have a long top to somewhat cover you! 

Bring your own bags! Most showrooms will not provide you with a bag when u make a purchase.

Cash Only! Make sure to stop at the bank  before heading out to the sample sale since no credit/debit cards are accepted. Make a budget and only take out as much money you are willing to spend. This is the hardest part.. But making a budget and sticking to it is your best bet. 

The best part of sample sales is that you can bargain! Prices are always flexible, especially if you are buying several items. 

Bring some snacks ( granola bars, fruit) and some water. You won't have much time to stop for lunch, especially if you are trying to see as many showrooms you can. The showrooms are typically open from 9am to 3pm, so your best bet is to have a small snack on the go. 

We didn't stick to our original budget... How can you say no to a great deal, right?? 

And here it is... Our DAMAGE 

The best part is going home and trying everything on. It's so exciting seeing everything you bought.. Because seriously you forget about some of the stuff you bought earlier in the day. 

Try-on party

Last but not least.. After a long day of shopping... A girls got to eat! 
If you are in the downtown la area.. You need to stop by Urth Caffe! They have the best organic coffee. Its the perfect mix of boldness and sweetness. 

Spanish Latte

The butternut squash pizza was to die for!

Don't skip desert, the pumpkin pie is a MUST.

Hope this was helpful!! I would love to hear about your sample sale adventures!

Thanks for reading!


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