Monday, January 6, 2014

Casual Sequins

Happy New Year all!! This is my first post for the blog! I am so excited and hope to keep up with this blogging stuff this year!!!

Don't you hate buying something for an event/party and then never wearing it again because its too fancy or doesn't really fit in for everyday wear?  I decided to share this post since this always happens to me. I bought this black sequins skirt for last years New Year's Eve party (2012) and never wore it again. I really wanted to wear it again for 2013, but couldn't get myself to wear the same skirt to my family's annual New Year's Eve party.. Even though I  am sure no one would even remember what i wore last year. Anyways, so for New Year's Day, I decided to finally wear my maxi sequin skirt again and dress it down! 

Maxi sequin skirt paired with basic white top, beanie plus converse 

I love being able to incorporate sequins into everyday wear and this way you don't have to keep that sequin piece you bought for new years in your closet all year ! 

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